About us

Come along for the ride at Toy Space where toys are as fun for parents as they are for kids!  We search out well-designed, aesthetically pleasing toys that add to a home’s ambiance. We try to stay clear of most mainstream, mass-market products but some are worthy of our shelf space. Our shelves are filled with toys for all ages and all budgets, with rotating collections that emphasize music, art, science and nature. We also love groovy 60's, 70's, and 80's classics, so parents and grandparents can share a piece of nostalgia with friends and family. 

The Brooklyn based owner understands the need for toys that suit the urban lifestyle. We are always on the look out for toys and games that are environmentally conscious, embracing fair trade, and made with organic and natural materials.  So come explore the wonderful world of Toy Space... here online, or at our friendly and "out of this world" neighborhood store.