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Make Your Own Music Box Kit

Make Your Own Music Box Kit


Pick out one of the three melody strips and get ready to compose - you'll quickly realize it has lines just like musical staff paper. Use a pencil to mark your notes, making sure to create dots directly on the crossing lines of a beat and a note.
Use a melody you already know or come up with a melody that's completely your own!
Once your tune is perfected, punch out the notes with the hole-punch, slide the sheet into the music box, wind up the crank, and let your music delightfully unfold.

Product Description

  • Melody sheets in treble clef - 2 octaves in key of C Major
  • Melody sheets feature lines for 8th note subdivisions
  • Includes music box, 3 melody strips, hole-punch, pre-made sample music strip
  • Features easy-to-follow directions and tips for composing
  • Melody strips made of strong laminated paper
  • Metal music box very durable, easy to use